Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Ladybugs Multiply Quickly

When ladybugs feel threatened by other insects, they will release this very offensive smell from their legs. This smell detracts any and all garden pests from attacking them. Now, even though ladybugs are small, cute and fun to pick up, they might also become a problem for many homeowners. Depending on what region of the world you live in, ladybugs could multiply quite quickly. If they like the area you live in, they might decide to move into your home. That is why it is not wise to leave any door in your home open. If you have cracks in your walls or foundation, these little ladybugs, will find a way to get in. Ladybugs, like humans, want to stay warm in cooler weather. When ladybugs begin to appear in the springtime, depending on where you live, it might still be cold. This is when ladybugs begin looking for anyway to get into your home to stay warm as well.

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