Sunday, September 20, 2009

The Pretty Lady, The Ladybug

The ladybug, also known as a lady beetle, has a very important purpose. These tiny insects, with red bodies and black spots, are vital to any vegetable garden, rose garden and flower beds. The ladybugs main meal is aphids. The aphid attacks roses or anything in a garden. Every insect has their purpose for being on this earth, and this is the main purpose for the ladybug. As it turns out, ladybugs eat every bug in sight. They are, in all actuality, a natural pesticide to any garden. This is why there are ladybug farms, so to speak, where they are bred specifically for gardeners. Ladybugs, even though dangerous to garden pests, are not harmful to anything else they come into contact with. Although, they will bite if there is an abundance of them.

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